Friday, August 5, 2011

this is the way i do my dot screen on drawings

this is the way i do my dot screens on drawings, their are loads of ways
of doing it, every one has their own idea.

this sketch is it help me develop a short romance story based on the
romance comic's of the 60's and 70's, with a planet of the apes element
thrown in to the mix.

you will need to click on the images to see the actual
dot and the reason for adding a dot screen is to give
the drawing more of a tone, its also important to me
that you can see the dot with the naked eye, ijust like 
it that way.

this (above) is the sketch scanned in  in grayscale

i made a copy in photoshop and dark the sketch so 
i would get a dot in the white areas

with the first image i converted it to a bitmap at 50% 
threshold, this gives me a solid black & white image

with the copied darkened image i convert it to bitmap 
but this time using halftone screen at 45 frequency, this 
number will have to be higher or lower depending on 
the image resolution and size of the dot you want.
you will really have to enlarge this image to see the dots

oh ya, i also made a second copy of the darkened 
image so that i can once again convert it to bitmap 
but this time using a halftone screen at 25 frequency, 
resulting in a bigger dot, enlarge this image to see the dots

i then brought the 50% threshold image & the halftone
screen 45 frequency in to the same file as layers

and and started to erase some of the screen

then brought the halftone screen at 25 frequency in to
the same file and erased alot of it leaving some under
the cheek  and under the head and behind the hand
etc., flatted it all and saved it as a bit map at  50%
threshold, if you leave it as layers or save it as grayscale
it will further dotscreen at the printer slightly bluring the
image, which is not what i want.

thats it,

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